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Paladin Intelligence and Information Services (PIIS)
  PIIS is a
Brillstein Security sub-division and specializes in counterespionage, intelligence services (both corporate and military) and information collection, data protection, IT security and all related services. At the same time, PIIS offers professional investigation services worldwide, anti-fraud investigations and services.

Travel Security Management
Where ever you travel, private or corporate travel: if you feel you need extra security or if you travel to unsafe places our travel management service will be at your side to ensure safe travel, secure communications, assistance around the clock and emergency service in case of any kind of crisis!


BRILLSTEIN SECURITY -  the central licensed member of the Brillstein Security Group offering the complete range of protection, investigation, intelligence, training and private military services, both private and corporate security, worldwide.
Brillstein Security teams and staff offer the very best of professional services. Our staff are not only highly skilled but also extremely motivated in order to supply the best possible services for our clients. All Brillstein operators are licensed representatives of the BSG and fully compliant to the high BSG quality standards.

The Brillstein Group exclusively cooperates with BSG licensensed partners in order to insure high quality security and protection services. EUBSA is the main provider of top-notch security services within the BSG, which now consists of about 550 licensed representatives, partners and daughter companies worldwide. See the BSG web site


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teamERTPrivate MilitaryThe STOP and ERT teams are some of the world's best and most professional private military teams available on this planet. Experienced, skilled professional soldiers will serve our clients to face and solve any kind of threat.

Security training - BSA academy

BSA training academy offers a broad range of training and study courses, from individual and private personal protection courses, incl. the Israeli Krav Maga self-defence, all the way up to professional study courses such as Security Manager, Close Protection Officer, Air Security Officer, Private Military or Intelligence Officer.

If you are looking for any kind of security related training, you can find the best training course  right here...