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DO YOU NEED PROFESSIONAL SECURITY SERVICES? If you are facing any security related problems and need investigative or protective services of any kind, please do contact us today. We offer you exactly the service you need in order to solve the problem. - BRILLSTEIN. You're safe again!

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Private and corporate security

The global security network "Brillstein Security Group" - or short BSG - provides for the full range of services related to corporate or private security, protection, investigations, risk assessment, air and maritime security and many more, such as security counsel, corporate intelligence, close protection, travel security, security management, security audits and loss prevention, surveillance or observation and counter surveillance, private military and security training. These are just some of our main services.

Whatever your needs may be in terms of security - Brillstein Security is the perfect partner, a one-stop company - call upon us at any time! We are ready to act on your behalf, anywhere, any time - global, loyal, professional! Our global network will be at your side when you need support.

As of June 1, 2020 the Brillstein group is being headed and operated by Brillstein and Cobra Services LC. Upon the retirement of Arik Brillstein, EUBSA has been dissolved. On a volontary basis, the new comany continues to service the former EUBSA clients - we will offer the same top-notch quality as before. Interim director until further notice is DANIEL COHEN - Pls direct all inquiries to his attention via contact form

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